Driving Change: United Families Building Community

United Families Building Community brings together communities from diverse backgrounds in order to learn about and act upon important policies that affect our children’s education. UFBC helps build strong leaders in order to inform their communities, empower those communities to have a voice, and advocate for a higher quality education for all children in Oakland.

By joining UFBC, you will…

  • Become a leader that is informed, involved and empowered
  • Find support and resources among a strong network of family leaders
  • Learn policies and gain skills to lead a campaign for a better education for ALL of Oakland’s children 

UFBC is working to support leaders in West Oakland to shape the transformation of the schools in their community. We want to make sure that families are partners in the work being done by the Oakland Unified School District in service of students.

Are you interested in knowing more about your child’s school? Check out GreatSchools.organd find out how it ranks.

For more information contact us at unitedfamilies510@gmail.com

Follow us on Twitter @ufbc510

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