GO Oakland: Equity Pledge

Oakland has among the largest proportion of students attending charter public schools in the state of California. Having both district-run and charter schools serving our students creates unique challenges around equity and access.

Members of Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) staff, charter school leaders, and other community representatives have recently begun to collaborate on an Equity Pledge to help address these issues.

According to the Equity Pledge website, “the long-term, collaborative process will address oversight, transparency, performance accountability, access to funding, use of facilities, supporting and retaining great educators, school enrollment, sharing effective instructional practices and addressing special education needs”.

Our Oakland coalition is monitoring the Equity Pledge closely, planning to produce resources for its network and advocate for a Pledge that helps to ensure quality, equity, and sustainability across all Oakland public schools.

For more information on the Equity Pledge, see the following resources:


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