GO Oakland: United Families Building Community

At McClymonds High School (commonly known as Mack) in Oakland, only 4 percent of 11th graders are meeting or exceeding mathematics standards, while only 12 percent are meeting or exceeding English Language Arts (ELA) standards. Mack’s principal, who was leading the school through a redesign process, resigned in April of this year.

GO Public Schools Oakland staff members organized families across West Oakland into a coalition called United Families Building Community (UFBC). After over 300 one-to-ones, 400 door-to-door conversations, meetings with 10% of Mack students and 50% of Mack staff members, and extensive research, UFBC developed a series of recommendations for OUSD officials.

Check out UFBC’s recommendations for OUSD to improve McClymonds High School.

For more information on UFBC and their campaign to transform outcomes for students attending McClymonds, check out the following resources:


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