GO signs coalition letter to Governor Brown

GO Public Schools recently joined over 50 California-based civil rights, social justice, and education organizations in signing a letter that urged Governor Jerry Brown to continue our state’s commitment to equity by not just narrowing, but closing the achievement and opportunity gaps for our students.

Read the full coalition letter here.

The letter was prompted by Governor Brown’s recent comments in an interview with CALmattersIn response to a question about closing the achievement gap so that students can graduate and go on to succeed in college and career, Governor Brown responded, “Do you mean a career as a waiter? Do you mean a career as a window washer? Or do you mean something more elevated? Then who’s going to do all that other work that’s not elevated? Who does that? Or do we get robots for that?”

“We are troubled by the suggestion that achievement and opportunity gaps are acceptable, and exist because of individual differences and meritocracy. Therefore, we write today asking you to continue the commitment to equity we all saw you powerfully demonstrate as you championed the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF)”

— Coalition Members

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