GO Oakland: Multilingual Pathways

Katherine Carter, founding principal of Manzanita SEED and Harvard doctoral student, spent a year in residence at GO Public Schools Oakland working on expanding multilingual options for students.

Learn more about Katherine’s work on multilingual pathways in her blog posts on the benefits of bilingualism and the group working to open a dual language immersion middle school.

“While Oakland has many dual-immersion bilingual elementary programs, there is currently only one middle school program, at Melrose Leadership Academy, with limited space. There are not enough seats in middle school to accommodate the students from existing elementary school programs, and there are no public high schools in Oakland that focus on supporting students to achieve and maintain high levels of learning in multiple languages.”

Katherine spent some of her time at GO supporting a group of families to advocate for the creation of a full multilingual pathway for Oakland. Thanks to the efforts of this team, OUSD’s 2015-2018 Roadmap for English Language Learners’ Achievement calls for the creation a PK-12 dual language pathway, and a design team has formed around a dual language immersion middle school to open in 2017. 


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