GO Signs Equity Letter to State Board

Ed Trust - West leads accountability coalition

GO Public Schools was one of over 80 diverse social justice, civil rights, and education organizations in California that signed a collective letter encouraging the President of the State Board of Education to devise an accountability system with a strong focus on equity. The letter urged President Kirst to:

  • Make timely, relevant data accessible for families and educators so they can identify achievement gaps;
  • Set ambitious long-term goals for student achievement;
  • Use school-, district-, and state-level interventions to support subgroups of students in need;
  • Create new pathways and indicators of college and career readiness; and
  • Leverage the experience of effective, equity-minded educators.

Led and organized by The Education Trust – West, coalition members came together to say:

“If we truly want to close these gaps, we must throw the entire weight of our collective will, energy, and resources behind our schools, our educators, and our students. The future of our state depends on the students in our schools now – the future doctors, teachers, engineers, and leaders that will tackle challenges for decades to come. We stand ready to do this work with you and ensure that all students are not only learning but achieving at the highest level possible.”

Read the full coalition letter here.

We will continue to share updates about this important work to better serve public schools, students, and families.

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