Introducing our new South Valley Director!

As we approach the end of the year and enter the gratitude and giving season, I find myself incredibly grateful for the network of GO families, our partners, and staff who have worked tirelessly to support advocacy campaigns in Fresno.

I am thrilled to share that we have selected Sade Williams to be our Southern Central Valley Director. In this role, Sade will work to amplify our impact in the southern portion of the Central Valley while continuing to serve the unique needs of Fresno. As I shared in an update earlier this year, we remain committed to our work in Fresno, and are excited to be exploring partnerships throughout the Central Valley as part of our strategic plan.

Sade joins us from PIQE, and I am incredibly inspired by her track record of leading community driven advocacy and her commitment to the Central Valley. She has strong roots in the Valley, particularly Fresno County where she attended k-12 schools and is raising her son. Sade’s organizing experience is extensive. She currently serves on many committees and coalitions throughout Fresno County and the Central Valley including the Fresno County Digital Inclusion Coalition, Valley CERF Partnership, Central Valley Multilingual Consortium, and the Central Valley Higher Education Equity Hub among others. We are excited to incorporate her expertise into GO’s current and future advocacy campaigns.

As Sade settles into her new role, she will be spending time listening and learning from the amazing members of our GO network – families, educators, and community partners. She is excited to build on our current policy efforts in the areas of English Learner Achievement and College Access, and is ready to lead the team through the next evolution of these campaigns.

The GO team and our families would like to thank Carmen Zamora, GO’s former Senior Manager of Community Leadership, who is now the Director of Organizing and Leadership Development at the Children’s Movement of Fresno for her support while we searched for our Southern Central Valley Director. We’re excited to continue partnering with Carmen in her new role and know that family advocacy in Fresno will soar to new heights with Sade and Carmen working together from each of their new seats.

Look for more from Sade in the weeks to come. In the meantime, if you would like to connect with Sade please email her at

In Community,

Darcel Sanders, Chief Executive Officer 

P.S. We’re hiring! We are eager to add a communications manager to our team with experience and connection to the Central Valley. Visit our careers page for information on this and other opportunities.

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