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A Parent’s Guide to "College Conversations” Has Been Updated

GO Public Schools and other advocates across the state have been urging decisionmakers to extend our state’s priority financial aid application deadline to counteract the numerous delays and issues with the new FAFSA form. I even wrote about it for EdSource, so we were excited to hear the news that the state has extended its priority deadline to May 2, 2024. We are grateful to our state leaders for allowing families the time they deserve to apply for financial aid.

This is a big moment for so many high school seniors and transfer students. They’ve persevered through a bumpy financial aid season, and now are getting ready to dive into college acceptance letters and financial aid packages. Soon enough it will be time for students to decide what next step they’ll take after they graduate.

Over the next several weeks, students and their families will make important decisions and we want to offer our support. GO’s updated A Parent’s Guide to College Conversations is the companion guide to our A Parent’s Guide to FInancial Aid. Informed by academic counselors, college advisors, and our own parent leaders, this guide aims to help families better understand financial aid award letters, explore college cost-saving opportunities, learn more about new policies that affect college students, and have healthy, productive conversations with their children about their futures. This resource is also available for download in Spanish

Please feel free to share this resource widely with your networks. Let’s celebrate all that our students have accomplished and give them and their families the support they need to feel confident about the path ahead. 

P.S. It’s not too late to take our family or educator financial aid survey. Take the family survey here and the educator survey here.


In community, 

Darcel Sanders
Chief Executive Officer 

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