Why I GO
I GO because children deserve access to safe, supportive, and equitable schools to learn, grow, and cultivate their own unique talents and strengths.
Briel Pomerantz

Briel Pomerantz

Manager of Community Leadership

Briel is a Bay Area native. Briel has a background and a degree in the performing arts. She shifted to the world of education in 2012, earning a master’s degree  in education. She was an Early Childhood Educator for nine years in Oakland and Berkeley, where she served as a Mentor Teacher and found joy in working with other educators. In 2021, her desire to serve a larger and more diverse population compelled her to shift out of the classroom and led to her work as an EdTech Trainer in the field of Adult ESL Education. Now, she is so excited to bring her experience and passion to the GO WCC team!

The members of our Leadership Council are Oakland natives, residents, parents, grandparents, former teachers, principals, and alumni of Oakland public schools. Our leaders have deep connections to Oakland and strong backgrounds in education. The Leadership Council supports and guides our work in the best interest of Oakland students.



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