Help us GO further.

With your support, we can make California a place where every child develops not just the knowledge needed to succeed, but also the creativity and habits of mind and heart to solve new problems in new ways.

If we are to unlock our children’s boundless potential, we must be bold, clear, and resolutely committed to overcoming the systemic barriers at play in California — and recognize that we do not have a single child to lose. And with our twenty-first century world evolving with each passing minute, we don’t have a moment to lose.

Your donation brings us one step closer.

Data = Power

Help us put valuable, user-friendly data in the hands of families.

Limited access to information and resources is a prominent form of oppression in low-income communities of color. By giving to GO’s best-in-class reports, you’ll ensure that thousands of families are equipped with the tools to effect change at: 1) the personal level — ensuring their own children are on track to achieve college eligibility and 2) the systems level — demanding answers from those in power about the unbalanced quality of our education system.

Support Data For All

Become a Champion for California kids, give monthly

GO Champions are a passionate and determined group of monthly givers on a mission to ensure every child in California receives the quality education they deserve. By joining at a level that is meaningful to you, we will show that we are unstoppable when we work together.

By joining GO Champions, you will:

  • Join the ranks of like-minded donors who care about public education and are working to make things better or their children, families, and the community.
  • Be invited to events, exclusive gatherings, and get the inside track on goings on in local education.
  • Receive regular updates and spotlights on all the good work being carried out by parents, educators, and leaders. The work is hard, but there’s also much to celebrate — we hope these updates brighten your day.

Achieving systems change is a marathon — by giving monthly, you’ll power our work in the long run.

Become a Champion

Donating to a GO local means your dollars go directly to improving public education in that community.

California is different from many other states in that state education policy gives significant authority to local leaders and decision­-makers (through the Local Control Funding Formula and Local Control and Accountability Plans). Many assume the federal, or even state, government controls their school environment. And while these bodies are certainly important, local decision-makers in California wield enormous power.

It is this uncommon approach that informed GO’s inception and allows our local teams to make an outsized difference for students.

Through GO’s local work with families, educators, and community allies, we are able to pressure and support local district and elected leaders to make equity-­focused, data-­driven decisions, examine and reflect on key drivers of student progress, and implement solutions to continuously improve in service of student learning and growth.

Directly support one of our local teams in:

Celebrate a student, teacher, principal, or someone else in your life with a gift to GO.

We have all been influenced by education. Maybe you can point to that one teacher who inspired your journey. Or you remember being supported by a guidance counselor who helped set you on a path to be the first in your family to graduate.

Public education is at its best when schools prize knowledge, creativity, and habits of mind and heart to solve new problems in new ways. At GO, we are working to ensure our education system is supporting students, families, and educators to reach their full potential.

When you give a gift of $50 or more celebrating someone in your life, we will send you a card that you can share with that special person.

Celebrate someone
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