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My daughter’s first step into struggling Oakland schools
East Bay Times, August 27, 2019
This month, Oakland public schools welcomed students back for the 2019-20 school year. For me, it’s a conflicting time of both incredible optimism about what’s possible against the stark reality of the mountains ahead of us.

Mr. Slatic, our children are watching us. You must be a better role model for them
The Fresno Bee, July 19, 2019
For nearly two decades, I have spent my life in service to my community first as a teacher, then as a organizer, and currently as the leader of a local nonprofit. Many of these experiences involved working with young…

Principal LaForest: Heart, courage, and conviction
The Richmond Standard, June 4, 2019
As soon as we walked out of Principal Chelsea LaForest’s office, a young student walked in and was ready to tell her how his day went from good to bad. “I want to hear a rose and a thorn,” we heard her say as we left the Murphy Elementary front office.

Teacher strike in East Bay district enters second week after marathon pay talks collapse
SFGate, May 28, 2019
Talks in the New Haven Union School District teachers strike broke down Monday, with teachers in Hayward and Union City returning to the picket line Tuesday for a second week.

Why GO Public Schools Fresno
Central Valley Today, May 8, 2019
Go Public Schools Fresno is a local non-profit that helps parents know how to advocate for their child, volunteer, and navigate their child’s public school system.

An Infrastructure of Parent Power – the Magnificent 7
The 74, May 7, 2019
Education systems can be fundamentally transformed when informed and organized parents exercise their innate power — individually and collectively — to create and sustain change.

Mira Vista principal improves outcomes one student at a time
The Richmond Standard, April 9, 2019
It wouldn’t be a standard day in the life of a principal without an early morning call to help a young person ease into the start of a rainy day. Principal Gabriel Chilcott steps into the Mira Vista front office with a student and leads him to a seat nearby.

At Oakland School Board meeting, debate over school closures and charter schools intensifies
OaklandNorth, March 21, 2019
Tensions from the recent Oakland teachers’ strike were still reverberating among attendees during a special meeting for the Board of Education on Wednesday night.

Pinole principal ‘a learning leader
The Richmond Standard, March 12, 2019
If you ask Principal Dan MacDonald about the secret sauce behind the rising student achievement levels at Shannon Elementary, he’ll smile at you and tell you he has nothing to do with it.

Education rebel with a cause
Great Schools, March 10, 2019
Reginald Mosley tried giving the school the benefit of the doubt. Two years ago, the single father of six had moved from Tennessee and enrolled three of his children, ages 5, 6, and 7, in Sankofa Academy in Oakland, California.

Oakland Teachers’ 7-day strike ends with big pay hike
United Federation of Teachers, March 1, 2019
Public school teachers in Oakland, California, ended a seven-day strike on March 1 with a deal to boost teacher salaries by 14 percent and improve classroom conditions.

Despite Tensions, Some Oakland Charter School Teachers Join Picket Line in Solidarity
KQED News, February 24, 2019
It’s a sentiment heard loudly and clearly on the picket lines of striking teachers throughout Oakland and in the organizing playbook of their union: charter schools are bad news for Oakland’s teachers and students.

Oakland teachers’ strike expecting support from ‘sick’ charter school teachers
ABC News (KG0-TV), February 24, 2019
As negotiations dragged on over the weekend to break a stalemate in the Oakland, California, teachers’ strike, educators plan to be back on picket lines on Monday and could see support from unlikely allies

Charter schools draw teachers’ ire as striking Oakland educators widen focus
SF Chronicle, February 22, 2019
Oakland’s charter schools, whose teachers are not on strike, found themselves thrown into the middle of the district’s ongoing labor action Friday as hundreds of educators and their supporters descended on a charter-friendly nonprofit organization.

Day 2 of Oakland teachers strike ends with both sides heading into weekend for more negotiations
East Bay Times, February 22, 2019
OAKLAND — Following Day 2 of a strike Friday at 86 Oakland public schools, teachers, parents and students headed into the weekend wondering whether school district and union officials who had resumed negotiations in the morning were getting any closer to reaching an agreement.

Teacher Retention a Major Motive Behind Oakland Strike
CBS News , February 22, 2019
One of the main sticking points in the Oakland teacher strike is over teacher salaries. The union blames the low wages for OUSD’s poor retention rate.

Oakland teacher strike: What the independent fact-finding report suggests for Oakland educators
ABC News (KGO-TV), February 19, 2019
The Oakland Education Association has stood firm on what it wants — higher salaries, smaller class sizes and more nurses and counselors. For starters, Oakland has a teacher retention problem, it loses nearly 19 percent of teachers every year. That’s much higher than the state average.

Planned school closures in Oakland Unified have parents, teachers and community members on edge
EdSource, January 24, 2019
As Oakland Unified struggles to balance its budget, it is planning for the second time in less than a decade to close some of its schools, an action that is among the most difficult and emotionally wrenching a district can take.

Oakland School Board to vote on recommended budget cuts
ABC News (KGO-TV), January 23, 2019
In a week, the Oakland School Board will vote to approve budget reductions for next year. Wednesday night they will discuss some of those proposed cuts in a meeting which is expected to be a heated one.

Discuten cierre de varias escuelas en Oakland
Telemundo, January 21, 2019
Autoridades escolares indicaron que debido la crisis financiera por la que está pasando el distrito escolar deben realizar recortes en las escuelas públicas de la ciudad

Oakland Unified looks to cut up to $30 million from 2019-20 budget
East Bay Times, January 17, 2019
Oakland Unified may cut as much as $30 million from its budget for the next school year and lay off administrative staff in its next move to lessen the multi-million dollar deficit.

Oakland Unified scrambles to identify as many as 24 schools that could be closed in next 5 years
East Bay Times, January 8, 2019
Faced with a multimillion-dollar budget shortfall and a steadily falling student enrollment, Oakland Unified School District officials are scrambling to identify up to 24 schools that may have to be closed over the next five years.

As Potential Closures Loom, Oakland Parents Want ‘Opportunity Ticket’ to Access Better Schools
KQED, December 11, 2018
A group of Oakland parents plan to go before the school board on Wednesday to lobby for what they are calling an opportunity ticket. The move comes in response to the Oakland Unified School District’s looming plans to close or merge schools to help stabilize its budget problems, long-term.

New Oakland school financial crisis requires bold changes
East Bay Times, November 1, 2018
Fixing problems in Oakland schools will be hard, but failing to fix them will be harder. I’m hopeful we can do it this time.

Asking candidates the right questions about public education
EdSource, October 28, 2018
Pretty much every candidate who talks about education at all this year will promise change. It’s up to us as voters to figure out whether they mean it.

Questions and Answers on OUSD Bailout Bill
Great School Voices, October 8, 2018
The State recently passed a “bailout” bill for OUSD that would ease the coming fiscal crisis. Here Nima Tahai, GO’s director of educator leadership, breaks down the bill and the implications for Oakland, you can also see a video here that covers some of the same content.

Oakland Teachers Protest Amidst Fraught Contract Negotiations
Oakland North, October 2, 2018
Last week, Oakland teachers across the district held demonstrations at their schools to demand a new contract. Outside of Oakland International High School in Temescal, a group of about 20 teachers and students held signs that read “Support Oakland Teachers” and “End the teacher crisis.” Cars passing by honked to show their support.

Oakland Schools Try Collaboration over Battling
Nonprofit Quarterly, July 13, 2018
Rather than fight to the bitter end, can we find a common path to solve difficult problems?” This a question that might be asked about many issues currently before voters and policymakers.

Opinion: Oakland is uniting district, charter schools
Mercury News, July 6, 2018
These days we mostly hear about how district and charter public schools are at odds, but we have much more in common than not, especially here in Oakland.

The Oakland school board is pushing for more coordination with charter schools, but faces fierce backlash
Chalkbeat, July 3, 2018
How to balance the competing interests of district and charter schools is sparking vigorous debate.

GO Public Schools Fresno’s Executive Director, Diego Arambula
Your Central Valley, April 6, 2018
Go Public Schools Fresno” is a group comprised of families, educators, and community members who are working to transform our public schools.They are giving details of a study they conducted during an event Saturday at Chukchansi Park.

Opinion: ‘Chop from the top’ won’t fix Oakland schools’ fiscal woes
East Bay Times, March 28, 2018
Oakland Unified School District’s current fiscal challenges, which are its own making and resulting from such practices as chronic overspending, are about to get worse over the next few years.

Oakland’s New Superintendent Is a Homegrown Leader for a District in Financial Turmoil
The 74, March 20, 2018
The rage was palpable. Oakland community members packed the district room waving signs. They shouted over school board members, screaming, “No cuts!” and “Chop from the top!”

Take It From an Educator: Arming Teachers is Not the Answer to Keeping Our Students Safe
The 74, March 1, 2018
Meeting with survivors of last month’s deadly school shooting in Florida, President Donald Trump stated, “If you had a teacher who was adept at firearms, they could very well end the attack very quickly.”

California’s school rating system fails — again
East Bay Times, February 15, 2018
Five stars, first place, the “Like” button: These are just a few ways we rate and rank products and services in our world today. Schools are no exception.

To Survive its School Funding Crisis, Oakland Must Learn from its Students
The 74, January 23, 2018
Last month, the Oakland Unified School District made the difficult decision of approving midyear budget cuts. These cuts will impact a host of different things, including, unfortunately, poverty-stricken communities that are already lacking in resources.

CA Education Activists Call Out Board of Education’s Position on School Suspensions (21:22)
KPFA, January 20, 2018
The KPFA Evening News (Weekend)

New Book Tells History of Government Segregation in Richmond and Beyond/strong>
SF Chronicle, January 18, 2018
As she read “The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America,” Angela Cox slammed the book down in anger several times.

Oakland schools budget cuts will mean layoffs, furloughs
KTVU, December 15, 2017
OAKLAND (BCN) The $9 million budget cut in the Oakland Unified School District approved Wednesday will mean layoffs, furloughs, salary givebacks and similar actions affecting workers, a spokesman said today.

OUSD Approves $9 Million Budget Cuts
Patch, December 14, 2017
The Oakland Unified School District Board of Education approved a $9 million mid-year budget cut during a contentious public meeting Wednesday night despite pushback from teachers and education advocates.

Fresno Unified Educators Work on a Plan to Transform Future of Local Education
Your Central Valley, December 7, 2017
FRESNO, Calif. — Dozens of educators and administrators met up on Wednesday to work on a plan for the future of education in Fresno.

Opinion: Strong leadership needed to fix Oakland school finances
East Bay Times, November 14, 2017
The Oakland Unified School District has a serious financial problem. But it is one that can be solved with strong leadership, tough choices, careful planning and ample communication.

Opinion: Charting a Better Path for Oakland’s Public Schools
East Bay Times, August 29, 2017
The days of leaders in district-run and charters schools acting in isolation, as a splintered set of public schools with insufficient resources, must end to better serve our students. As we look ahead, there are several things that we must do to chart a better path forward here in Oakland.

Analysis: Oakland Educators Bridging Charter-Traditional School Divide to Work Toward Equity for All Students
The 74 Million, August 27, 2017
We all know the story: In cities across the country, school districts and the charter sector treat each other warily at best, as enemies at worst. The two sides argue over their intentions, who serves a more challenging group of students, who deserves more funding but gets less, and so on.

2 Big Takeaways in the Latest Charter and District Comparisons in Oakland
Great School Voices, July 11, 2017
If you haven’t seen Informing Equity: Student Need, Spending and Resource Use in Oakland’s Public Schools, you should.

Charters vs. district schools: Which are better off? Neither, study says
Education Dive, June 25, 2017
A newly released report commissioned by the Oakland Achieves Partnership and conducted by Education Resource Strategies looks at two types of public schools in Oakland, district-run and charter, and how each of them are serving students.

Do charters or traditional schools have it worse? A new study says both
LA Times, June 23, 2017
Charter schools remain a subject of intense debate in Los Angeles, especially with the arrival soon of two new school board members who were supported by charter backers.

Oakland charters more likely to enroll higher-performing students than district schools
EdSource, June 20, 2017
Oakland’s charter schools enroll students who are more academically prepared than students who attend district-run schools, giving city charter schools an edge on the question of which kind of school excels at educating its students, according to a new analysis of the city’s public school landscap

Notes From the Field: If You Want Great Schools, First Work With Parents to Create ‘Actionable Demand’
the 74 Million, May 10, 2017
We are investing something like 98 percent of our national philanthropy in supply, and at best 2 percent in demand, and we’re not seeing equity-focused systems change happen quickly enough.

Oakland Unified Schools names new superintendent
KTVU, CBS San Francisco (5 KPIX), and SF Gate, May 10, 2017
After a months-long search for a new superintendent for the Oakland Unified School District, the school board announced this evening that Kyla Johnson-Trammell has been selected for the position.

Oakland schools pick superintendent amid budget mess
SF Chronicle, May 10, 2017
After a national search, the Oakland school board picked a city native and longtime employee to serve as superintendent and steer the district through a budget crisis.

Oakland’s New Teachers Need Your Support
Oakland Post, March 8, 2017
My first day of teaching fourth grade was two years ago and it was a whirlwind of energetic joy and panicked mistakes.

Crisis de maestros en Oakland
Telemundo 48, March 6, 2017
Un reporte indica que el setenta por ciento de los nuevos maestros que llegan al distrito, se van en los primeros cinco años. (Publicado lunes 6 de marzo de 2017 | Crédito: TELEMUNDO..

Oakland: About 70 percent of new teachers leave the district in five years, report says
East Bay Times, March 4, 2017
The Oakland Unified School District must do a better job supporting and retaining new teachers, according to a report by an educational advocacy group that found that nearly three-quarters…

If You’re Gonna Be on ‘Team Public Education’ You Need to Commit to These 3 Things
Education Post, February 15, 2017
In California—particularly here in the Bay Area within GO’s Oakland and West Contra Costa communities—the vast majority of us are on team public education.

Data-driven solutions needed to close WCCUSD student achievement gaps
The Richmond Standard, January 26, 2017
Data-driven solutions needed to close WCCUSD student achievement gaps

West Contra Costa school district report offers solutions for African-American achievement gap
East Bay Times, January 25, 2017
Poor academic outcomes for black students in the West Contra Costa Unified School District, one of the lowest-performing districts in the state, can be improved by helping families enroll children in early education programs,

Oaklanders weigh in on qualities wanted in new OUSD superintendent
SF Gate, January 20, 2017
The Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) will likely hire a new superintendent in the next six months, and during a two-hour town hall meeting at La Escualita Elementary School on Thursday, members of the Oakland community weighed in on what qualities they want that individual to have.

Bailed-out Oakland schools are back in financial trouble
SF Chronicle, January 3, 2017
Well before the state had to bail out the Oakland Unified School District in 2003, fiscal experts warned school officials that their overspending was going to land them in big trouble.

Oakland teachers float funding wishes by the hundreds online
East Bay Times, December 16, 2016
OAKLAND — Hundreds of Oakland schoolteachers have turned to crowd-funding sources in an attempt to provide their students everything they can to ensure their success.

Oakland Unified appoints interim superintendent
East Bay Times, December 14, 2016
Oakland Unified School District has named an interim superintendent while it searches for a replacement for its current chief, Antwan Wilson, who announced he will be leaving in February to become schools chancellor in Washington, D.C.

Choice of new Oakland schools Superintendent is crucial
SF Chronicle, December 4, 2016
Just days after voting for a majority of its school board, Oakland is faced now with an even more consequential decision: the selection of a new schools superintendent.

Will D.C.’s new chancellor finally be able to close the achievement gap?
Washington Post, December 4, 2016
Antwan Wilson is drawn to challenging school districts. In Denver, he was solely interested in working as a principal in the system’s worst school.

OUSD Superintendent Antwan Wilson to leave district in February
KRON 4 News, November 22, 2016
Oakland Unified School District superintendent Antwan Wilson said Monday that he is leaving the district in February to become the next chancellor for District of Columbia Public Schools in Washington, D.C.

Oakland Unified Superintendent To Lead Washington, DC Schools
CBS San Francisco (5 KPIX), November 22, 2016
Oakland Unified School District superintendent Antwan Wilson said Monday that he is leaving the district in February to become the next chancellor for District of Columbia Public Schools in Washington, D.C.

The Path Forward for Oakland Students
Oakland Post, November 21, 2016
The Path Forward for Oakland Students…

Commentary: Discussing data makes public schools better
East Bay Times, September 23, 2016
For Oakland to provide the best education we can for our students, we have to first understand what is working and what is not working. For too long, we have not had a full picture of what is happening in our city.

Oakland Achieves report offers comparison of charters and district-run schools
East Bay Times, September 21, 2016
The charter school versus public school debate has raged for years. The concrete data to support which type of school is outperforming the other, and in what areas, has always been sparse.

Charter school moratorium not my choice
East Bay Times, September 2, 2016
When Connie Williams walked across the stage to receive her high school diploma, this moment should have been one of the happiest moments for her.

Why school board elections matter for West Contra Costa families,
Richmond Pulse, August 24, 2016
As a parent of two young girls, I often find myself wondering: Are my girls watching too much TV? Did they do enough reading over the summer? Are they taking the right vitamins? Big or small, parenting is often filled with doubts.

West Contra Costa: Schools chief finalist named.
East Bay Times, June 2, 2016
After months of searching, the West Contra Costa Unified School District board has chosen a finalist for the soon-to-be-open superintendent’s post.

Coffee Break: Jonathan Klein on Oakland Schools, Jelly Jars and the Steph Effect
Education Post, May 11, 2016
Everybody talks about how important quality public schools are to overall civic health, but not everybody takes the time to get involved in creating them, outside of their own.

Must bridge racial divide in quality education
East Bay Times, May 4, 2016
In its mission, the West Contra Costa Unified School District commits “to provide the highest quality education to enable all students to make positive life choices, strengthen our community, and successfully participate in a diverse and global society.”

OUSD meeting punctuated by arguments rolls out budget transparency, special ed plan
Oakland North, October 15, 2015
During Wednesday night’s Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) Board of Education meeting, the CFO presented a new web tool which would make the district’s annual budget more accessible to the public, special education staffers explained…

Oakland Schools underperform in reading, math; chronic absence rates improve
Bay Area News Group, September 22, 2015
Only about half of Oakland’s public school students complete the requirements to attend state universities, and although roughly 70 percent graduate with their class, many do not apply for financial aid to attend college.

Report shows “chronic absence” down in Oakland, but still a problem
Oakland North, October 13, 2014
Chronic absence, when a student misses 10 percent of the days in a school year, is on the decline in Oakland public schools. But there’s still a long way to go.

Letter to Editor
SF Chronicle, October 2, 2014
With all of the conflict that continually arises with regard to cyclists’ rights, perhaps it’s time for cyclists to carry liability insurance just as motorists do. Exemptions could be made for youths.

More Graduate From Oakland Schools But Most Not Ready For College
Oakland Local, September 29, 2014
More Graduate From Oakland Schools But Most Not Ready For College…

Deep racial divide in Oakland schools’ attendance rates
SF Chronicle, September 27, 2014
The first detailed look at attendance in Oakland schools shows a deep racial divide between students in class and habitual no-shows, a pattern reflected in grades, test scores and graduation rates.

Only 40 Percent of Oakland Kindergartners Ready to Start School
KQED, August 7, 2014
Only 40 Percent of Oakland Kindergartners Ready to Start School…

Talk and read to your baby, Hillary Clinton and local groups advise
Oakland Local, July 24, 2014
Talk and read to your baby, Hillary Clinton and local groups advise…

My Word: Many productive ways to show appreciation to teachers
Oakland Tribune, June 16, 2014
Some people may not know that during the school year, there is teacher appreciation week…

New app shows Oakland schools’ academic performance right on your phone
Oakland Local, July 11, 2014
New app shows Oakland schools’ academic performance right on your phone

Guest commentary: New Oakland schools superintendent must provide dynamic leadership
Oakland Tribune, April 10, 2014
Four students dropped out of Oakland schools today.This happens every school day. Year after year. Only half of African-American and Latino students graduate on time.

Oakland school report is a joint effort
The San Francisco Chronicle, February 27, 2013
Business leaders in Oakland joined forces with community activists and education advocates to release a first-of-its-kind report Wednesday designed to break down perplexing data and focus efforts and resources on key areas of need.

Report: GO Public Schools seeks community support in helping students achieve academically
Oakland Tribune, February 27, 2013
Great Oakland Public Schools and its community partners released a report Wednesday detailing Oakland students’ academic performance with the purpose of informing the community while also motivating them to be more engaged in helping students achieve more academically.

GO Public Schools releases ‘Oakland Achieves’ school progress report
Oakland Local, February 27, 2013
GO Public Schools releases ‘Oakland Achieves’ school progress report…

Local school power and a new system for assessing teachers
The Education Report, April 29, 2012
This is a sampling of The Education Report, Katy Murphy’s Oakland schools blog…

Superintendent Smith discusses state of OUSD in talk to educators, families
Oakland North, March 28, 2012
The Oakland Unified School District is in a unique position to “engage some different kind of thinking” and “be the hub for all education in the city,” Superintendent Tony Smith told a group of educators, parents and community members on Tuesday night.

OUSD “mutual matching” proposal would change how teachers are assigned to school
Oakland North, January 23, 2012
The idea behind the concept of “mutual matching” is to find the best fit between a teacher and the school community in which they work.

Schools Chief in the Hot Seat
Wall Street Journal, December 8, 2011.
The idea behind the concept of “mutual matching” is to find the best fit between a teacher and the school community in which they work.

Oakland’s Potential School Closures
Oakland North, September 27, 2011.
In the coming weeks, the Oakland Unified School District’s Board of Directors will likely be making tough decisions to close some Oakland schools.

School closures on the horizon in Oakland
The Education Report, August 23, 2011.
School closures on the horizon in Oakland…

With more seats than students, conversations about school closures begin in OUSD
Oakland North, March 2, 2011.
Oakland Unified School District may soon have to consider one of the least popular moves a school district can make: closing schools. In Denver, he was solely interested in working as a principal in the system’s worst school.

How should OUSD respond to declining enrollment?
A Better Oakland, March 2, 2011.
How should OUSD respond to declining enrollment?

OUSD Teacher Layoffs: Why Los Angeles matters for Oakland (Opinion)
Oakland Local, February 25, 2011.
OUSD Teacher Layoffs: Why Los Angeles matters for Oakland

Make sure your input is included in OUSD’s 5-year strategic plan!
Oakland Local, January 7, 2011.
Make sure your input is included in OUSD’s 5-year strategic plan!

Oakland Education Policy 2011 Top 10 Wish List (Community Voice)
Oakland Local, January 2, 2011.
Oakland Education Policy 2011 Top 10 Wish List

GO Public Schools’ wish list for 2011
The Education Report, December 30, 2010
GO Public Schools’ wish list for 2011…

The bleated scoop on OUSD task forces and meetings you want to attend
The Education Report, November 12, 2010
The bleated scoop on OUSD task forces and meetings you want to attend…

The Slow, Steady Revolution
Teach for America Alumni Magazine, Fall 2010.
The Slow, Steady Revolution…

Voters’ Guide to help you choose–plus How to find your polling place
Oakland Local, October 29, 2010
Voters’ Guide to help you choose–plus How to find your polling place…

In Oakland school board election, a dearth of candidates
The Bay Citizen, October 29, 2010
In Oakland school board election, a dearth of candidates…

A proponent of Measure L weighs in
Oakland North, October 25, 2010
In Oakland, the school district had to cut $122 million from its budget this year, and teachers have not gotten a raise in nearly a decade. Some folks are trying to change that.

Who will be picked to join OUSD’s task forces and how?
The Education Report, October 22, 2010
In Oakland, the school district had to cut $122 million from its budget this year, and teachers have not gotten a raise in nearly a decade.

Oakland school board voter guide now online
Oakland North, October 13, 2010
As the election approaches, it’s important to know about the candidates and where they stand.

An Oakland voter’s guide courtesy of GO Public Schools
The Education Report, October 6, 2010
An Oakland voter’s guide courtesy of GO Public Schools…

Taking a stance on public education
Oakland North, October 6, 2010
In preparation of the Nov. 2 election, Great Oakland Public Schools–a nonprofit social welfare organization–is offering a mayoral voter guide on its website to showcase each candidate’s stance on various education issues.

Oakland education supporters learn what it takes to be a school board member
Oakland Local, July 22, 2010
Oakland education supporters learn what it takes to be a school board member…

OUSD Superintendent Tony Smith defines strategy for Oakland public schools
Oakland Local, March 14, 2010
OUSD Superintendent Tony Smith defines strategy for Oakland public schools…

Great Oakland Public Schools hosts Thursday discussion of budget cuts, quality schools
Oakland Local, March 9, 2010
Great Oakland Public Schools hosts Thursday discussion of budget cuts, quality schools…

GO Public Schools hosts a breakfast gathering
SFGate.com, Febuary 1, 2010
While many Oakland school reformers focus on starting and supporting charter schools, which are open to the public but operate independently of district rules, GO Public Schools is focused on mainstream public schools.

Two opportunities to get involved and weigh in on the future of the City budget
A Better Oakland, January 21, 2010
Two opportunities to get involved and weigh in on the future of the City budget

A warm welcome to this year’s new Oakland bloggers. You guys rock!
A Better Oakland, December 31, 2009
A warm welcome to this year’s new Oakland bloggers. You guys rock!

Survey:Oakland principals like to control their own budgets
The Education Report, December 2, 2009
Survey:Oakland principals like to control their own budgets…

New school head Tony Smith: “This is the future of democracy.”
Oakland North, September 28, 2009
Tony Smith had just arrived at work. He took off his suit coat and hung it carefully in a closet at the back of his spacious office on the third floor of the Oakland Unified School District building in downtown Oakland.

A new Oakland schools coalition: Will you join?
The Education Report, July 7, 2009
A new Oakland schools coalition: Will you join…

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