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Why Literacy?

GO is excited to announce the start of our newest Community-Led Committee (CLC) focused on literacy. The CLCs — made up of parents, caregivers, and community members — are designed to combine our community leadership programming and policy work in a way that allows members to fully drive the advocacy cycle from beginning to end.

The literacy CLC is rooted in the belief that reading, writing, and comprehension are the core foundations of learning. For students to reach their full potential, they must be systematically taught using the five core elements of reading instruction: Comprehension, Fluency, Vocabulary, Phonics, and Phonemic Awareness. Unfortunately, across California, less than half of students are at or above level in reading, and access to research-based reading instruction is inconsistent at best. Even worse, between the pressures of the pandemic, rising inflation, and the inequities our community has always faced, it has become increasingly hard for families to access literature and tutoring services to support their children’s literacy development.


Oakland Gaining Ground Report

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Download: English | Español

2024 Oakland Literacy Report

2024 Fresno Literacy Report

2024 WCC Literacy Report


Spring Session 1

Spring Session 2

Spring Session 3


How to support your child as a growing reader

Download: English | Español 

What's the Science of Reading?

Download: English | Español

Literacy Beyond Phonics

Download: English | Español

Supporting English Learners with literacy

Download: English | Español

Reading Disabilites, including Dyslexia

Download: English | Español

Glossary of Terms

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Oakland Gaining Ground Report

Webinars & Events

2024 Interim Fresno Literacy Report

2024 Interim WCC Literacy Report

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