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Bringing Oakland Together For Our Students

Today, more than 65,000 students and their families are counting on the community to help our children achieve their dreams and be prepared for the future. Despite there being countless excellent schools in Oakland, equally excellent educational opportunities are not yet a reality for all of Oakland’s students.

In 2015-16 in Oakland Unified, according to district data, 75 percent of white students graduated high school on time, yet only 59 percent of African American students and 55 percent of Latino students graduated on time.

Oakland’s most vulnerable low-income students are 18 times more likely to attend the lowest performing schools than their more affluent peers.

Our network is driven by the urgent needs of children and families for an excellent education — especially those most at risk of missing out on life’s opportunities.


For nearly seven years now, GO Public Schools Oakland has built a diverse and ever-growing network of advocates in Oakland who have significantly impacted education policies and practices at the local level, promoting excellence and equity for youth.

Read more about our efforts for Oakland students and schools.

Below are a few highlights of the campaigns and wins we’ve supported — and in many cases, championed — in partnership with Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) and/or other local organizations and coalitions: 

  • Teacher development & support
  • Raises for Oakland teachers
  • Teacher Policy Fellowship
  • Focus on school quality, equity, and access
  • New resources for college-prep, career pathways and facilities through Measure N
  • Family leadership through our United Families Building Community
  • Focus on chronic absence through the “Attending School Every Day” report
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