Who We Are // Our Community

Together, doing better for all of our kids.

The wisdom, strength, and leadership of our communities are the most powerful levers in creating positive change. Our local coalitions of families, educators, & community allies come together to pursue equitable opportunities for all young people.


Families have the power to lead the transformation of our children’s education. We support families by providing workshops, leadership development opportunities, and accessible information and data. Through community organizing, we amplify their power and bring their voices to the forefront of the conversation about how best to help our children succeed.


Research confirms what families know. Educators have the greatest in-school impact on our student’s achievement. That’s why we build and support networks of local teacher leaders to influence policy, practice, and culture within their school sites, union, and school districts — all in the best interest of our students.

Community Allies

We know that great things happen for youth when communities come together with collective will around a shared vision. We advocate for public education solutions by building and activating inclusive partnerships with local organizations and leaders across California. We work to cultivate strong, values-aligned leadership throughout our school systems, and champion both bold and practical policy reform in pursuit of positive change for our students.


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