Why I GO
"I GO because we need to do more for our students in Oakland and I deeply believe the only way we get to where we want to get for students, families, and educators is together. Bringing community together to build solutions for students is what GO’s all about."
Ash Solar

Ash Solar

Executive Director

Ash works closely with the team to make sure it’s focused and ambitious in service of students and families. He spends time listening to, learning from, and working with leaders from across our community, including family, education, and community leaders through our various coalitions such as Oakland Achieves.

Why public education?

My life has the been the product of a multi-generational pursuit of the American Dream. My dad was 1 of 7, and the first to graduate from a 4-year college. I’m one of four, and all four have graduated from college. My dad’s college education had a life-changing impact for my family. Because of that positive personal experience and the unacceptable reality that families today continue to go 0 for 17 or 1 for 7 in our public school system, I’ve committed my life to being an educator in service of students, families, and educators.

What are your vices?

I heart going to the movies. A big bucket of popcorn, a tall soda, a few good previews, and a great movie are about as good as it gets. Saturday matinees with my dad and brothers was a big deal growing up, and movie date nights with Sara remain an all-time favorite break after a long week.


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