Why I GO
"At its best, public education both advances and is informed by an active democracy. GO helps to ensure that the broader public – not just narrowly-focused special interest groups -- is informed about issues related to our public schools and is able to share their opinions with our leaders."
Gloria Lee

Gloria Lee

Board & Leadership Council

When I joined GO, I was working with public education organizations across the country, and saw how much GO’s approach – providing information, empowering communities and advocating for better local policies – was needed everywhere. I was excited to spend more time working for families in Oakland, my adopted hometown. Now I’m at Educate78, and our work is very complementary with GO’s. We share the a mission of improving Oakland public education.

Why public education?

As the child of Chinese immigrants, I was raised to believe in the life-changing power of a good education. My parents worked multiple jobs so I and my siblings could attend excellent public schools. At the time, I wasn’t grateful for all their hard work, and even resented having to help my parents in their small business. But the moment my older son was born, I understood that intense desire to ensure that they have every possible opportunity in life. I know that all parents fervently want this, and want to make it possible for every family in Oakland.

Why Oakland?

My husband and I moved here in 2002. We wanted to start a family in a community with rich racial and ethnic diversity and culture, and found it here. I am inspired by Oaklanders’ passion, creativity, and boldness. And I love all the delicious food at farmers markets, restaurants, and food trucks.


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