Why I GO
I GO because our education system looks radically different for students of different races and backgrounds. That entrenched inequity isn't going to change without communities coming together to demand better for their students.
Jack Holzman

Jack Holzman

Director of Data

As Director of Data, Jack is responsible for responsible for leading the development of GO’s data strategy, which includes helping the organization to be clear about its impact. Prior to his work at GO, Jack was a middle school math teacher at Elmhurst Community Prep in East Oakland, where he also served on the Instructional Leadership Team and helped to create and execute school-wide professional development. Jack served as a 2011 GO Policy Fellow, where he helped to design the Teaching Effectiveness Pilot – a teacher professional growth system used in Oakland schools receiving School Improvement Grants. Jack recently graduated from Stanford’s Graduate School of Education with a Master’s in Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies and he holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Illinois.


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