Why I GO
"I envision a world where students, parents, and educators are at the forefront of decision making in order to ensure that all children have access to nothing but the highest quality education."
Karina Reyes

Karina Reyes

Manager of Family Leadership

Why public education?

Public education is one of the nations greatest assets and we must continue to preserve this valuable resource for all of our children. I have worked alongside many young people and I know that their true desire is to be happy and live an authentic life where they can put their talents to work. We owe it to our future generations because every young person deserves high quality education.

How I GO

I have had the privilege of working alongside young people through my time with Youth Leadership Institute. I was able to inspire and motivate other people to speak on issues affecting their communities and school campuses. My multitude of viewpoints have allowed me to understand the need of an education for every child in Fresno no matter where a family resides. GO Fresno equips families to thrive, and enhances their leadership skills to show them the power of their voices and actions. The more individuals we can engage to transform our public school system in Fresno, the more impact we will have.

What are your vices?

One of my vices is trying new local restaurants in Fresno. It is always great to support local!

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