Why I GO
"I GO because we have more empowered, more efficient and more compassionate communities when all children, despite socioeconomic background, have access to high-quality education."
Kristina Phillpotts-Brown

Kristina Phillpotts-Brown

Princeton Project55 Fellow

Why public education?

I was privileged with access to an excellent education from my (extremely underfunded) public high school in Jamaica and then from Princeton University. Education empowers communities, giving people the tools they need to make educated decisions. I strive to break the pervasive connection between circumstance of birth and educational opportunity.

How I GO?

Each day I get involved with supporting a little bit of the large variety of extensive work that GO does to help communities in Oakland, West Contra Costa and Fresno. Learning from this talented and motivated group of people makes me excited to get up and GO every day!

Favorite quote?

“They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.” ― Dinos Christianopoulos

What are your vices?

Netflix. All of it.


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