Why I GO
"I love Oakland, and am an Oakland parent with children who attend Oakland public schools. GO supports all Oakland students at every level, and it feels right for me to be a part of an organization that is supporting strong education leadership, from our families’ living rooms to the school boardroom."
Lakisha Young

Lakisha Young


Lakisha’s role at GO is to support the creation of pathways for family leadership. Our families’ voices matter, and she hopes that through her role, GO will provide families with the toolkit and action plan to elevate their voices for their children.

Why public education?

I was raised by a single mom in San Francisco’s public housing. My mom knew education was the only way to better our life options. In my neighborhood, a private education was the best option for me. I am passionate about public education because I want to live in a world where my kids and all kids in Oakland public schools are able to wake up each morning and know that their neighborhood school is providing them with an education that creates life opportunities. I want that education to be free and give all students the freedom to dream big, no matter their zip code.

Why Oakland?

Who doesn’t love Oakland? I grew up in San Francisco, and had family that lived in Oakland and Richmond. In 2003, I helped open a school in West Oakland, and it was during that time that I fell in love with West Oakland and its unique history. A decade later, I love Oakland even more and am proud to raise my children here.

What are your vices?

Wine and reality TV. I am a mom of three kids, and one is a teenager. Enough said.


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