Why I GO
"The students we serve are the product of the same system that I am. I take the pain of a broken system and turn it into energy that drives me to push for change for our kids."
Melquis Naveo

Melquis Naveo

Manager of Community Outreach

Melquis’ role is the bridge between GO and the Oakland community. When someone from GO walks into a neighborhood or region in Oakland, people may or may not know that GO staffer but they will know the impact of our work and say, “GO is doing great things for education.”

Why public education?

Growing up, especially in high school, I saw how the education system could fail a generation of kids. My high school lost its accreditation for the four years I attended, impacting everyone. It’s impossible to do nothing after experiencing such hardship.

Favorite quote and why?

“If there’s nothing you can do, then do nothing. If there’s something you can do, then give it all that you got.” — Ajahn Brahm 

In my newfound Buddhist faith, the themes of wisdom and timing are recurring. There are times when we feel trapped or overwhelmed that we fight tirelessly, but then we exhaust our energy and resources. Wisdom teaches us to sit still and be in peace in preparation for when all our effort is required.

What are your vices?

I can get lost in my music. I play four to five different percussion instruments, plus the guitar, and I have been known to play all day, ignoring phone calls and not leaving the house.


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