Why I GO
"Working with Oakland families and students gives me hope for a better future. We are far from where we need to be, but I believe that the love and passion parents/guardians have for their children is limitless and can change the world."
Mirella Rangel

Mirella Rangel

Director of Community Organizing

Mirella works with families ready to see change and with leaders ready to identify solutions, and challenge the power structures and status quo that hold our students back.

Why public education?

By the time I was in third grade, I attended six different schools in East San Jose, Mexico, Milpitas, and finally Los Altos. When my family moved again, we used my aunt’s address so I could continue to go to school with my 5th grade peers. The school was in an upper-middle class community where the district was well-resourced, had a college-going culture, and active parents. While my parents did not attend a university, I was able to navigate the process thanks to the support and guidance of my friends. I was lucky to attend this school, have such a supportive group of friends, and be able to get into UC Berkeley through Affirmative Action.

Favorite quote and why?

“I want there to be a place in the world where people can engage in one another’s differences in a way that is redemptive, full of hope and possibility.” – Bell Hooks. We are on this blue planet together and if we are not willing to build bridges and work together, we will fail to address our planet and society’s crisis.

What are your vices?

I have been known to tell inappropriate jokes–apologies in advance. 🙂

The members of our Leadership Council are Oakland natives, residents, parents, grandparents, former teachers, principals, and alumni of Oakland public schools. Our leaders have deep connections to Oakland and strong backgrounds in education. The Leadership Council supports and guides our work in the best interest of Oakland students.



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