Sade C. Williams, Director of Southern Central Valley
Why I GO
The fundamental approaches in supporting the leadership development of families is what draws me in wanting to contribute my gifts and talents.
Sade C. Williams

Sade C. Williams

Director, Southern Central Valley

Sade was born in the Bay area, but was raised in the Central Valley in the small town of Mendota, California, with a population of 8,000. She is biracial: half-Jamaican and half-Mexican. She represents her hometown with pride and honor. She has a passion for community involvement.

At the age of 14, she started volunteering for different organizations to tutor and support other youth and loved working with youth in the community and it kind of progressed from there. As a champion and advocate for the Central Valley, Sade aims to encourage families’ involvement and provide the tools, resources, and support that they need to be encouraged to utilize their own voice and their passion to see whatever they would like to see manifest within the Central Valley and the state of California. She partners with other organizations and CBOs [Community Based Organizations] that have like-minded goals for their families and the diversity of Central Valley.

By putting God first, Sade has been able to feel confident and comfortable going forward and supporting the causes that she’s involved in, which ultimately gets rid of the fear to take on challenges too. Her faith grounds her and gives her the strength to follow her passions. There’s always going to be highs and lows in life and it’s our response to those hard times that allow us to appreciate the good times.

The members of our Leadership Council are Oakland natives, residents, parents, grandparents, former teachers, principals, and alumni of Oakland public schools. Our leaders have deep connections to Oakland and strong backgrounds in education. The Leadership Council supports and guides our work in the best interest of Oakland students.



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