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Vince Steele
I’ve always been led to roles where I’m able to play a part in helping communities realize their collective power. I’m inspired by the way… Read More
Ja’nee Miskell
While finishing my undergrad I was presented the opportunity to work with children with autism and an special projects intern. The most rewarding part working… Read More
Yanira Wandera
Since graduating from UC Berkeley as a first generation college student, I have dedicated my life to creating more equitable outcomes for all students in… Read More
Thomas Maffai
I got my start in education as a high school teacher in a largely immigrant community in Miami. Through the lens of my students, I… Read More
Radhika Jit
Why public education? I’m passionate about public education because it’s the system I grew up in. While I experienced the divide in equitable education that… Read More
Daisy Padilla
Daisy began working with GO as an intern and soon fell in love with GO’s objective: quality education for all students. She is an East… Read More
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