Support Your School: Community Organizing

“GO brings commitment and heart to its work. They have informed and helped us communicate and advocate for our rights. We’ve learned how to collaborate with teachers, administrators, and other leaders as we work to transform our school.”

Sandra Camacho, Brookfield Elementary Parent Leader

We believe that families and those most affected by inequalities should lead community transformation.

Our organizing team trains and supports family leaders in the practice of community organizing as a method to drive the changes needed to dramatically improve the educational experiences of their children and to prepare them for college, career and community work.

We are currently supporting three family-led groups:

  • United Families Building Community: A leadership group for North and West Oakland families
  • Families in Action: A group of family leaders from RISE and New Highland in East Oakland that are committed to supporting and creating positive change for their schools
  • African American/Black Family Advocacy Group: A cohort that supports and empowers African American/Black family engagement through positive interactions and leadership development in East Oakland schools 

How to Get Involved

If you are interested in participating in or learning more about any of these programs, contact Mirella Rangel at

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